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Welcome To Heritage Bridge Foundation

The Bridge Between our Generations


Our Goal is to unite the younger and older generations

The Heritage Bridge Foundation operates under the axiom of Dignitas-Societatem-Ductus, familiarly known as Dignity, Fellowship, and Leadership. In the present day our community is characterized by a divergence in the domestic structure that often leads to deviations in the actions of the present generation.

We, at Heritage Bridge, believe that the foundations of a productive community lie in the unification of the young and the seasoned mind. As the torch of knowledge is passed from the veteran to amateur, the society is able to reach the once legendary echelons. In an exemplary formation, a retired physician shares his experience with an aspiring medical student, to aid in his understanding of the field.

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In order to encourage this natural exchange of knowledge, the Heritage Bridge Foundation seeks to connect High School students with the residents of local retirement homes. Through our organization, students are able to engage in community service activities that expand the cognitive structure, while providing our past generation with a means to employ their crystallized intelligence.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic find that “loneliness” is a potential threat to the physical health of the elderly. Complementary a survey by the American Psychological Association found that the majority of millennials are developing without the influence of an elderly figure in their lives. In efforts to maintain a progressive society, the Heritage Bridge Foundation seeks to “bridge” the growing gap between the current and past generations. By encouraging students to maintain a dignified manner, to strengthen fellowship within society, and to lead others towards new horizons, we at Heritage Bridge believe that the future is to be basked in the hands of success and progression.

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Our Projects

No matter where you live in your own home a retirement village or a rest home.



High School students plant a garden with retirees at the Windsor Calallen


Arts and Crafts

Students interact with elders on Arts and Craft day at a local retirement home.


Musical performances

Junior high school students perform a holiday piece at Windsor Calallen.



A Christmas performance by choir students at retirement home.


Family Visits

The Heritage Bridge Foundation has aided in organizing family visits with retirees.


Game Nights

“Treasure Hunt” activity at the Windsor Calallen Nursing Home.

Upcoming Campaigns

We are an accredited provider to ACC via the Solora network of independent providers.


July 20, 2017 Marathon Lows

Money London Marathon

01:00pm - 03:00pm


August 17, 2017 Half Street

Greater Manchester Marathon

01:00pm - 03:00pm


August 25, 2017 Logan Marathon

Liverpool Rock n Roll

01:00pm - 03:00pm

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