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We got our start back in 2015 when our founders and their group of friends began volunteering at a retirement home in Corpus Christi, TX. Even as teenagers, we were shocked to see that most retirees we visited constantly suffered from loneliness despite the best efforts of their care facilities. Overcome by the warmth and kindness of the retirees we would visit weekly, we began to realize that the elders were having a profound impact on our lives beyond anything we could have imagined. Not only were the elders sharing valuable life experiences with us, they were delighted to have a direct link to the new generation. As our weekly volunteer trips grew to almost 100 students we founded The Heritage Bridge Foundation to add structure to our volunteer programs, by building our Volunteer Web Portal, and to expand our scope to new areas while.

Currently we are honored to have over 1200 active student volunteers and chapters across 4 cities. We are extremely grateful to our student and retiree volunteers who grant us the privilege to work with the retirement homes to create tailored activities that build long lasting mentorship bonds. Thanks to our volunteers, donors, partners, and in-house team, we were able to continue the growth of our efforts during and after the pandemic. In studies conducted with The University of Connecticut and Brown University, we observed that the elders we visited were happier and healthier, as compared to their counterparts at non-member retirement facilities. Our student alumni have leveraged their mentorship connection to pursue careers in Law Enforcement, STEM, Finance, Law, and Social Work. 

Our profound gratitude goes to our supporters and volunteers that empower us to Bridge Our Generations Together.

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